September 21-24, 2020 | Virtual Conference and Vendor Forum

ICMC20 Speakers

Dawn Adams

IT Security Specialist at EWA-Canada

Jacob Ansari

Senior Manager, Schellman

Katie Arrington

Chief Information Security Officer for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, OUSD for A&S

Reza Azarderakhsh

Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University and PQSecure Technologies

Mary Baish

Director, NIAP

Arlen Baker

Principal Security Architect, Wind River Systems

Sridhar Balasubramanian

Principal Product Security Architect, NetApp

Vipin Bharathan

Digital Transformation Consultant, DLT NYC

Bob Blakley

Global Head of Information Security Innovation, Citigroup

John Boggie

Director, Head of Cybersecurity Certification, NXP Semiconductors

Harold Booth

Computer Scientist, NIST

Joshua Brickman

Director, Security Evaluations, Oracle

Charles Brookson

Chairman, Zeata Security

Adam Cason

Director of Product Marketing, Futurex

Christopher Celi

Computer Scientist, NIST

Lily Chen

Mathematician, NIST

Maria Christofi

Technical Manager of the Cryptography Lab, Oppida

Assaf Cohen

CEO, Anqlave

Erin Connor

Conference Chair, ICMC

Michael Cooper

IT Specialist, NIST

Bruno Couillard

President & CEO, Crypto4A

Mark Cox

Distinguished Software Engineer, Security, Red Hat, and Founder and Management Committee member, The OpenSSL Group

Tony Cox

VP Partners, Alliances and Standards, Cryptsoft Pty Ltd.

Kelvin Desplanque

Security Certification Engineer, Cisco Systems

Roberta Faux

Director of Advanced Cryptography, BlackHorse Solutions

Valerie Fenwick

Director of Product Execution, Intel

Maria Fravventura

Group Manager and Senior Security Evaluator, Brightsight

Carolyn French

Manager Cryptographic Module Validation Program, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Barry Fussell

Software Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

Shawn Geddis

Security & Certifications Engineer, Apple Inc.

Vlad Gheorghiu

Researcher, Institute for Quantum Computing

Jorge Guajardo

Lead Expert & Manager Security and Privacy Group, Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center

Shay Gueron

Professor, University of Haifa, Senior Principal Engineer, Cryptography, Amazon Web Services

Ian Hall

Certification Architect, Broadcom

Basil Hess

Chief Cryptographic Engineer, InfoSec Global

Joshua Hill

Information Security Scientist, UL

Ryan Hill

Community Outreach Manager, atsec information security

Lars Hoffmann

Technology Director Cryptanalysis, Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH

Iain Holness

Senior Resource, EWA-Canada

David Hook

Director/Consultant, Crypto Workshop

Jennifer Huddleston

Director of Technology and Innovation Policy, American Action Forum, United States

Tim Hudson

CTO and Technical Director, Cryptsoft and OMC & Committer, OpenSSL

Bruno Huttner

Quantum Safe Product Management, ID Quantique SA

Marc Ireland

Sr. Principal Security Certification Expert, NXP

Ravi Jagannathan

Security Architect Vsphere./ESXi, VMware

Nayna Jain

Software Engineer, IBM Systems

Andrew Jamieson

Technology and Security Director, UL,

Steve Jia

Lab Manager, EWA, Canada

Anna Johnston

Cryptographic Researcher, Juniper Networks

Dr. Burt Kaliski Jr.

SVP and Chief Technology Officer, Verisign

Jason Keirstead

Chief Architect—Security Threat Management, IBM, Canada

John Kelsey

Computer Scientist, NIST

David Kelts

Director of Mobile ID Product Development, GET Group North America

İbrahim Halil Kirmizi

Common Criteria Certification Specialist, Turkish Standards Institution, Turkey

Frederick Knight

Principal Standards Technologist, NetApp

Michael Kushin

President and CEO, BlackHorse Solutions

Wes Kussmaul

President, The Authenticity Institute, City of Osmio

Kris Kwiatkowski

Cryptography Engineer, PQshield

Brian LaMacchia

Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft

Kenneth Lasoski

Lead Security Engineer, Acumen Security, LLC.

William Layton

NSA Cybersecurity

Troy Leach

SVP, Engagement Officer, PCI Security Standards Council, Untied States

Malcolm Levy

Certification Manager, Check Point Software Technologies

Di Li

Senior Consultant, atsec China

Yehuda Lindell

CEO of Unbound Tech, and Professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University

Yan Liu

Principal Consultant, atsec China

Smita Mahapatra

Security and Certifications Analyst, Thales, Canada

Yi Mao

VP and Lab Director, atsec USA

Michael Markowitz

Vice President, Information Security Corporation

Juan Martinez

Junior Cybersecurity Consultant, jtsec Beyond IT Security

Sarah McCarthy

Research Assistant, Centre for Secure Information Technologies, Queen's University Belfast

Kerry McKay

Computer Scientist, NIST

Kevin Micciche

Manager, Trust and Assurance, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, United States

Hart Montgomery

Research Scientist in Cryptography, Fujitsu

Dustin Moody

Mathematician, NIST

Chris Brych

Senior Principal Security Analyst, Oracle

Mark Minnoch

Co-Founder, KeyPair Consulting

Michele Mosca

University Research Chair and Co-Founder, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo; Co-Founder & CEO, evolutionQ Inc., Canada

Nicky Mouha

Researcher, NIST, United States

Stephan Mueller

Principal Consultant and Evaluator, atsec information security

Dr. Seth Nielson

Director of Advanced Research Projects, Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute (JHUISI)

Renaudt Nunez

IT Security Consultant, atsec Information security

David Ott

Sr. Staff Researcher and Academic Research Director, VMware

Christian Paquin

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Fiona Pattinson

Security and Certifications Engineer, Platform Security / SEAR, Apple

Ralph Spencer Poore

Director, Emerging Standards, PCI Security Standards Council

Marcos Portnoi

Information Security Engineer Specialist, atsec information security

Brad Proffitt

Director of Operations, Lightship Security

Nithya Rachamadugu

Senior Director, Cygnacom Solutions

Robert Relyea

Principal, Red Hat

Angela Robinson

Mathematician, NIST

Diana Robinson

Senior Manager for Product Security Certifications & Specialized Testing Broadcom, United States

Allen Roginsky

Mathematician, NIST

Charles H. Romine

Director, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST

Jose Ruiz Gualda

Co-founder, jtsec Beyond IT Security

Markku-Juhani Saarinen

Senior Cryptography Engineer, PQShield Ltd.

Javed Samuel

Vice President, NCC Group Cryptography Services, United States

Martin Schaffer

Global Head of Secure Products & Systems, SGS Digital Trust Services, SGS Group

Loren Shade

VP Marketing, Allegro Software

Wouter Slegers

CEO, TrustCB

Jonathan Smith

Senior Security Tester, CygnaCom Solutions

Simo Sorce

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

Vladimir Soukharev

Principal Cryptographic Technologist & Chief Post-Quantum Researcher, InfoSec Global Inc.

Meltem Sonmez Turan

Cryptographer, NIST

Jeff Stapleton

Chair of the X9F4 Cybersecurity and Cryptographic Solutions Workgroup

Marcus Streets

Principal Security Architect, Arm

Ryan Thomas

Laboratory Manager, Acumen Security

Alex Thurston

Senior Software Developer, Lightship Security

Lachlan Turner

Principal Consultant, Lightship Security

Swapneela Unkule

atsec information security

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

Board Member and Security Task Force Chair, GlobalPlatform

Michael Vogel

Principal Consultant, atsec information security

Ashit Vora

Co-founder & Laboratory Director, Acumen Security

Steve Weingart

Consultant, Highland Tech LLC

Clint Winebrenner

Technical Lead, Cisco Systems

Jordan Wiseman

Senior Consultant, Online Business Systems

Kwok Wong

Senior Security Analyst, CygnaCom Solutions

Brian Wood

Device Security Certification Manager, Samsung Research America

Mehri Yahyaei

Direct Manager of IT Laboratories, Research Center of Informatics Industries (RCII. Co)

Paul Yang

Staff Engineer, Ant Financial