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ICMC20 Registrants

Updated September 25, 2020

Name Title Company Country
Abdul Rani, Hazlin Lab Director CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Abdurahmanovic, Admir VP Strategy & Partners Primekey Solutions AB Sweden
Abromeit, Arnold Laboratory Manager TUViT Germany
Abubshait, Abdullah Security Engineer Cygnacom Solutions United States
Ackerly, William CTO virtru United States
Adams, Dawn IT Security Specialist EWA- CAnada Canada
Adams, Dawn IT Security Specialist EWA- CAnada Canada
Akiyama, Koichiro   TOSHIBA Japan
Alvarez, Marina SE-ICAM Operations Manager US Dept of State United States
Andrieiev, Oleksandr   Samsung United States
Ansari, Jacob Senior Manager Schellman & Company, LLC United States
Anzaroot, Joshua Business Development Manager Acumen Security United States
Apon, Daniel computer scientist NIST  
Arnold, Jason Contractor NIST United States
Arrington, Katie Chief Information Security Officer for Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition OUSD for A&S United States
ARRIVE, FABIEN   STMicroelectronics (Grand Ouest)/SUPRATEC France
Ashley, Norman   Cisco Systems United States
Ashley, Norman   Cisco  
Atchison, Paula Software Senior Principal Engineer Dell Technologies United States
Autry, Christopher Chief Executive Offiicer Iothic United Kingdom
Azarderakhsh, Reza Associate Professor, President and Founder FAU and PQSecure Technologies United States
Babinkostova, Liljana Professor Boise State University United States
Backstein, Slavik PLM Ribbon communication  
Baish, Mary   NIAP United States
BAjcsy, Zuzana   NIST  
Bajic, Jake Product Line Manager Palo Alto Networks United States
Baker, Arlen Principal Security Architect Wind River United States
Balasubramanian, Sridhar     United States
Balasubramanian, Sridhar Principal Security Architect NetApp United States
Balraj, Indhu Sr Director, Engineering Extreme Networks United States
Baraniewski, Ursula   ISC  
Barker, Elaine Mathematician NIST United States
Baushke, Mark Distinguished Engineer Juniper Networks, Inc. United States
Bava, Gian-Carlo Director of Software Engineering Engage Communication, Inc. United States
Beal, Peter Senior Software Engineer Cisco Systems United States
Bean, Christopher   NSA United States
Bean, Christopher   NSA  
Becker, Bob Engineering Allegro Software Development  
Bell, Bryan Principal Consultant Foregenix United States
Berton, Loic COO eShard United States
Betts, Eric Industry Standards Office VMware, Inc. United States
Bharathan, Vipin Technical Strategist DLT NYC United States
Bishop, Richard   Dekk United States
Blair, Jason Software Engineer Motorola Solutions United States
Blakley, Bob Global Head of Information Security Innovation Citigroup United States
Blum, Nikki   ICMC United States
blum, nikki   ICMC  
Boggie, John Director, Head of Cybersecurity Certification NXP Semiconductors United Kingdom
Boire, Marc   Fortinet Canada
Bong, Dieter Head of HSM Product Management Utimaco IS GmbH Germany
Boomer, James Staff Applications Engineer Microchip United States
Booth, Harold Computer Scientist NIST United States
Bouchard, Marie-Helene   CCCS Canada
Bouffard, Roxanne   Engagez  
Boyer, Paul Product Manager Apricorn  
Brady, Jennifer   Global Product Security United States
Brandão, Luís T.A.N. Researcher NIST/Strativia United States
Briceno, Marc Vice President, Sales CRYPTSOFT United States
Brickman, Joshua Director Security Evaluations Oracle Corp. United States
Brochmann, Michelle   ISC  
Brook, Kimberley      
Brooks, Jeff Director of Sales PrimeKey United States
Brookson, Charles   Zeata Security Ltd United Kingdom
Brown, Mike CTO ISARA Canada
Brown, Daniel   BlackBerry  
Brown, Marina   ICMC  
Brych, Chris Senior Principal Security Analyst Oracle Canada, ULC Canada
Burgess, Gus FIPS Prpgram Manager UL Canada
Burns, Robert Chief Security Officer Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing United States
Caley, Timothy   Government of Canada Canada
Calis, Alexander   NIST United States
Cason, Adam     United States
Cason, Adam Director of Product Marketing Futurex United States
Casperson, Christin Midwest Business Director wolfSSL United States
Cater, Denise   TrustCB  
Cayer, Yves Security Architect Ciena Canada
Cayer, Yves   Ciena Corp.  
Celi, Christopher Computer Scientist NIST United States
Cervera, Daniel     United States
Cervera, Daniel Senior Program Manager Microsoft United States
chebrolu, chandra Sr. Staff Engineer SKHMS-A United States
Chen, Lily Mathematician, Manager NIST United States
Chevalier, Tim Security Architect NetApp United States
Chevalier, Tim   NetApp  
Childers, Jonathan     United States
Childers, Jonathan Senior Engineer Qualcomm United States
Childress, Al Software Senior Principal Engineer Dell United States
Chitnis, Sunil   CommScope United States
Choi, HeeBong Principal Researcher The Attached Institute of ETRI South Korea
Christie, Aaron   Government of Canada Canada
Christofi, Maria Crypto Lab Manager Oppida France
CHURCH, WILLIAM CTO F5 Government Solutions United States
Clemons, Robert   NIAP United States
Cloutier, Maurice-Etienne   Government of Canada Canada
Cohen, Assaf CEO Anqlave Singapore
Collart, Olivier Product Manager STMicroelectronics Belgium
Comer, Alyson Senior Software Engineer IBM United States
Connor, Erin   Daideo Canada
Conrad-Antoville, Arianrhod Director of Operations Penumbra Security, Inc. United States
Cooper, Michael   NIST United States
Corlett, Justin Business Development Manager CRYPTSOFT Australia
Cormier, Tim   PCI United States
Cornwell, David Lead Engineer Booz Allen Hamilton United States
Couillard, Bruno President & CTO Crypto4A Canada
Cox, Tony Co-Chair KMIP TC & Co-Chair PKCS#11 TC, OASIS, and VP Partners Alliances & Standards Cryptsoft Australia
Cox, Mark Distinguished Software Engineer, Red Hat, Founder OpenSSL. VP Security Apache Software Foundation United Kingdom
Cranford, Justin Prin Soft App Dev Entrust Canada
Crippa Martinez, Christine Security Certification team manager Thales France
Crombie, Roy   Government of Canada Canada
DAMOUR, CHRISTIAN Pre-sales Manager – Security FIME France
Danielson, Mike Engineer Dell United States
Dantuluri, Varma Software Engineer F5 Networks United States
David, Raquel   Engagez  
Deboyser, Fabien   NXP France
DeGarmo, Rylie Business Director, EMEA wolfSSL United States
Del Canizo, Miguel partner bullnet spain
Denham, Jessica Security Architect Intel United States
Desplanque, Kelvin Security Certification Engineer Cisco Syste,s Canada
Dewar, Alex Embedded Designer NewAE Technology Inc.  
Dieguez, Ignacio Senior Principal Security Certifications Expert nCipher Spain
Dodson, Graydon Security Engineer Lexmark Intl. Inc. United States
Doyle, Michael Client Engagement Engagez United States
Dunlop, George CMO & Co-founder Quantum Dice United Kingdom
Easter, Randall   NIST United States
Edwards, Mark Software Architect iDirect Government United States
Elliott, Ken Principal Engineering Specialist – IA The Aerospace Corporation United States
Erman, Gilad n/a n/a Israel
Erman, Gilad   Checkpoint  
Ezzadeen, Hani Seniro Software Developer Entrust Datacard United States
Fabis, Andreas Marketing Director atsec information security United States
Farthing, Sam Software Engineer .Cisco United States
Farthing, Sam   Cisco  
Faux, Roberta Director of Advanced Cryptography BlackHorse Solutions United States
Fenwick, Valerie Director of Software Engineering   United States
Ferguson, Jennifer Marketing Manager QuintessenceLabs United States
Fernandez, William HSM Architect IBM United States
Ferris, John Infrastructure engineer Me  
Fluhrer, Scott Principal Engineer Cisco Systems United States
Fournier, Jason   EPIC Scientific  
Fox, James Computer Scientist NIST United States
Fravventura, Maria Group Director and Sr. Security Evaluator Brightsight BV  
French, Carolyn   Canadian Centre for Cyber Security Canada
Frye, Gordon Technical Staff Dell United States
Fuentes, Fernie   HPE  
Fussell, Barry SW Technical Leader Cisco Systems United States
García Sáncchez, Luis Cybersecurity Division DEKRA Testing and Certification S.A.U. Spain
Garg, Sumit   Extreme Networks United States
Gauvreau, Mark Project Manager EWA-Canada Canada
Geddis, Shawn Security & Certifications Engineer   United States
Glockner, Matthew   Lexmark United States
Gong, Jian Software Engineer Ciena Canada
Gonzalez, Juan Laboratory Director Teron Labs Australia
Goodman, Liz   Canonical  
Goodman, Jim Principal Security Architect Crypto4A Inc. Canada
Gornall, Alan   Rycombe Consulting United Kingdom
Gouchet, Quentin IT Security Consultant atsec information security  
Gray, John Software Architect Entrust Canada
Grebovich, Dragan Distinguished Engineer Avaya, Inc. United States
Grewal, Gurleen     United States
Griffin, Phillip   Griffin Consulting  
Grunbok, Warren Senior Security Architect IBM United States
Guajardo, Jorge Lead Expert & Manager Security and Privacy Group Robert Bosch LLC – Research and Technology Center United States
Guerin, Francois Security Expert Thales France
Guerin, Patrick CSfC Trusted Integrator KMS United States
Gueron, Shay Professor, University of Haifa, Senior Principal Engineer, Cryptography Amazon Web Services Israel
Gugel, Chris Lab Director Booz Allen Hamilton United States
Guilley, Sylvain CTO Secure-IC France
Gustavsson, Tomas CTO PrimeKey Sweden
Hailane, Asmaa   NIST United States
Halbert, James Eng Fellow Raytheon United States
Hale, Dianne   NIAP United States
Hall, Tim   NIST United States
Hall, Timothy CAVP PM NIST United States
Hall, John Principal Test Engineer F5 Networks, Inc. United States
Hall, Ian Cert Architect Broadcom United States
Hammett, Russell Contractor NIST United States
Hampton, Paul Product Manager Thales United States
Hanson, Mark Program Manager McAfee, LLC United States
Hart, Heidi Security Test Engineer AEGISOLVE  
Harvey, Brandon   Dell United States
Hawes, David   NIST United States
Heider, Peter   Thales TCT  
Herborth, Chris Cryptographic Toolkit Manager ISARA Corporation Canada
Hess, Basil Chief Cryptographic Engineer InfoSec Global United States
Hill, Joshua Information Security Scientist KeyPair Consulting United States
Hoffmann, Lars   Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH Germany
Holness, Iain Senior Resource, IT Security Specialist, EWA Canada EWA Canada Canada
Hook, David   Crypto Workshop Pty Ltd Australia
Horny√°k, G√°bor CTO CCLAB Hungary
Hoyt, Tim Hardware Development Manager iDirect Government United States
Huber, Erin Product Security Engineer Xerox United States
Huddleston, Jennifer Director of Technology and Innovation Policy American Action Forum United States
Hulse, Nicholas   Broadcom United States
Huttner, Bruno Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives ID Quantique United States
Ike, Kenjiro   Panasonic Corporation Panasonic Corporation
Ikematsu, Yasuhiko   Kyushu University  
Ireland, Marc Security Certifications Expert NXP Semiconductors United States
Ishak, Faridatul Akhma Executive CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Jaeger, Linda   NetApp United States
Jagannathan, Ravi Security Architect VMware United States
Jain, Nayna Software Engineer IBM United States
Jamieson, Andrew   Underwriters Laboratories  
Jamieson, Mike Engineering Allegro Software Development  
Jang, SangWoon Manager The Attached Institute of ETRI South Korea
Jia, Steve Lab Manager EWA-Canada Canada
Jing, Janet   NIST United States
Johnson, Connor   NIST United States
Johnson, Darryl Sr. Program Manager – FIPS Corsec United States
Johnston, Anna Cryptographer Juniper Networks  
Jordan, Bouclin PR Director SVM United States
Juskevicius, Ed Manager Government of Canada, Dep’t ISED Canada
Kaliski, Burt Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer Verisign United States
Kamath, Vineetha Engineering Manager Canonical United States
Kandiah, Anantha Engineering Director Teron Labs Australia
Kapadia, Bhavin   Acumen Security  
Karcher, Andrew Software Engineer Cisco Systems, Inc. United States
Kawamura, Ippei   ECSEC Laboratory Japan
Kawashima, Masatoshi Security Evaluator Information Technology Security Center Japan
Keirstead, Jason CTO IBM Security Threat Management IBM Canada
Keller, Matt   Nutanix United States
Kelm, Rich Business Director wolfSSL United States
Kelsey, John   NIST United States
Kesterson II, Hoyt L Senior Security & Risk Architect Avertium United States
Kincaid, Stuart   Rambus United Kingdom
Kincaid, Stuart   Rambus UK Ltd United Kingdom
King, Ben   Senetas Security Pty Ltd Australia
Kirmizi, Ibrahim Common Criteria Scheme Manager Turkish Standards Institution Turkey
Kisley, Richard Chief Engineer, HSM IBM United States
Knight, Frederick Principal Standards Technologist NetApp United States
Kolstad, Josh   Acumen Security United States
Kramer, Nancy   Oracle United States
Krasnovskiy, Boris   Laird Connectivity United States
KRUSE BRANDAO, Jacques Global Head of Advocacy SGS Germany
Kushin, Michael President and CEO BlackHorse Solutions United States
Kussmaul, Wes   The Authenticity Institute United States
Kwiatkowski, Krzysztof Cryptography Engineer PQShield United Kingdom
La Pietra, Salvatore CEO atsec United States
Lall, Harish   iDirect Government  
LaMacchia, Brian Distinguished Engineer Microsoft United States
Lamoureux, Francois Senior Advisor, Product Management Dell Canada
Langemyr, Geir Senior Security Consultant System Sikkerhet AS (a Nemko Company) Norway
Lasoski, Kenneth   Acumen Security United States
Latten, Joy Security Software Engineer Canonical LTD United States
Laursen, Donald Sr Product Manager F5 Networks, Inc United States
Lawlor, Jason President Lightship Security, Inc. Canada
Layton, William   NSA United States
Layton, William   NSA Cybersecurity United States
Leach, Troy Chief Standards Architect & CTO PCI SSC United States
lee, changmin   National Security Research Institute Korea
Lee, Alan Portfolio Manager Leidos United States
Lee, Steve Engineer Prototype Security United States
Leiseboer, John Chief Technology Officer QuintessenceLabs  
Levy, Malcolm Certification Manager Check Point Software Technologies Israel
Li, Di   atsec information security China
Lindell, Yehuda CEO Unbound Tech United States
Liong, Yin Ling   Qualcomm United States
Liu, Yan Principal Consultant atsec China China
Livelsberger, Ben   NIST United States
Loefflad, Michael Systems Engineering Manager Juniper Networks United States
Maciel Costa, Richard Security Certifications Engineer Canonical  
Mack, Laurie Director Security & Certifications Thales Canada
Magidson, David      
MAKOUNDOU, TOMA TAYLOR   self-representing United States
Mao, Yi VP, Lab Director USA United States
Marcinko, Jake   PCI  
Marie, Emmanuel Project manager Serma Safety & Security France
Markowitz, Michael VP R&D Information Security Corporation United States
Markowitz, Michael   ISC  
Martel, Javier Security Test Engineer AEGISOLVE, INC.  
Martinez Romero, Juan Junior Cybersecurity Consultant jtsec Beyond IT Security Spain
Martins, Lucas CTO Kryptus Brazil
MARWAHA, ANUP Technical Director Utimaco Inc United States
Maskara, Manoj   VMware, Inc. United States
mccarl, mike developer aegisolve  
McCarthy, Sarah Research Fellow CSIT United Kingdom
McCarthy, Sarah Postdoctoral Cryptographic Researcher Queen’s University Belfast United Kingdom
McCary, Becca Strategic Communications Verisign  
McDermott, Andy   ISC  
McGlashan, Dave Certification Engineer, Trust and Assurance Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Canada
McKay, Kerry   NIST United States
McKissick, Sierra Marketing/Sales Intern wolfSSL United States
McNamara, Dale   Software Sr Principal Engineer United States
Melia, Jane VP BD QuintessenceLabs United States
Micciche, Kevin Manager, Trust and Assurance Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company United States
Minnoch, Mark Co-Founder KeyPair Consulting Inc. United States
Minnoch, Mark   KeyPair Consulting  
Mitchell, Lloyd VP of Engineering Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies United States
Mittmann, Johannes   Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) Germany
Miwako, Kubo   ECSEC Laboratory Japan
Mohammad Shah, Isma Norshahila Analyst CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Mohd Jawi, Suhairi Specialist CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Mohd Yusof, Nor Azeala Analyst CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Montgomery, Hart Research Scientist in Cryptography Fujitsu United States
Moody, Dustin Mathematician NIST United States
Moufarrej, Jennifer   Government of Canada Canada
Mouha, Nicky Researcher NIST United States
Mueller, Stephan Consultant atsec information security corp. United States
Mulready, Seamus Test Engineer Lightship Security, Inc. Canada
Myers, Jerome Senior Engineering Specialist The Aerospace Corporation United States
Nabulsi, Sarah   ISC  
Nad, Tomislav Head of Cryptography & System Security SGS Digital Trust Services Austria
Nagarajan, Dharmalingam Senior Manager, Firmware Security SK Hynix memory solutions America United States
Newton, Kerrie   Fortinet Technoligies Inc  
Ng Cheng Hin, Jonathan   Government of Canada Canada
Ngo, Long Senior Security Engineer Teron Labs Australia
Nielson, Seth Director of Advanced Research Projects Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute (JHUISI)  
NIK ABDULLAH, NIK AZURA Senior Analyst CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Nizam Chew, Liyana Chew analyst CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Norton, Skip   QuintessenceLabs United States
Nunez, Renaudt   atsec information security corporation United States
O’Brien, Gavin   NIST United States
O’Connor, John VP Product Management Crypto4A Canada
O’Flynn, Colin CEO/CTO NewAE Technology Inc. Canada
O’Neil, Laurelle Global Certifications Technical Leader Cisco Systems United States
OMAR, WAN ZARIMAN Senior Analyst CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Ono, Kazuyoshi   ECSEC Laboratory Inc. Japan
Oredsson, Lindsey Communications Coordinator Primekey Solutions AB Sweden
Oshin, Dereck Technical Marketing Engineer Cisco Systems United States
Ott, David   VMware United States
Ott, Gesa Technical Lead of Security Architecture and Certifications Utimaco Germany
Ott, David   VMware  
Oxford, Wil CEO Bra-Ket Science. Inc United States
Palard, Marylene tester atsec United States
Paley, Walt VP, Communications SafeLogic United States
Paquin, Christian Principal Program Manager Microsoft Research United States
park, minju   National Security Research Institute Korea
Park, TaeHwan Researcher The Attached Institute of ETRI South Korea
Pattinson, Fiona Security and Certifications Engineer   United States
PENFIELD, SHANNON Associate Program Manager Broadcom United States
Perrin, chris Senior Strategy And Product Planning Manager Motorola Solutions Inc United States
Pervez, Aleena Program Manager Acumen Security United States
Pervez, Aleena   Acumen Security  
Petrossian, Robert Leadership Role Engagez United States
Pettit, Patrick   ICMC  
Pfanstiel, Sam Director, Security Consulting Services ControlScan United States
Pickering, Tim East Coast Business Director wolfSSL United States
Plascencia, Mark   Aegisolve, Inc.  
POORE, RALPH Director PCI Security Standards Council United States
Poore, Ralph Spencer Director, Emerging Standards PCI Security Standards Council United States
Popa, Claudia   Federal Government Canada
Portnoi, Marcos Information Security Engineer Specialis atsec information security United States
Potter, Ray CEO & Founder SafeLogic  
Powers, Michael CSTL Technical Director Leidos, Inc. United States
Principe, Nikki   CNXTD Event Media Services United States
Proffitt, Brad Director of Operations Lightship Security Canada
Proffitt, Brad      
Pruss, Brian   Motorola  
Rabe, Lisa Software Development Manager Corsec United States
Rachamadugu, Nithya Sr. Director CYGNACOM SOLUTIONS United States
Rajala, Sven East Coast & Federal Sales Engineer PrimeKey United States
Ramamoorthy, Venky Principal Software Engineer F5 Networks, Inc United States
Regine, Isabel Support Engagez United States
Relyea, Robert     United States
Relyea, Robert Principle Programmer Red Hat United States
Ren, Yuqing   Qualcomm  
Ren, Yuqing   Qualcomm Technologies  
Richards, Christine   NIST United States
Riley, Walker Security Consultant atsec Information Security Corp United States
Riviere, Lionel Security Analyst eShard United States
Robert, Natalya Principle Security Certification Engineer nCipher France
Robinson, Angela Mathematician NIST United States
Robinson, Diana Senior Manager, Program Mgmt., Federal Certifications Symantec United States
Roginsky, Allen   NIST United States
Rohan, Kevin Chief Architect Cybersecurity Oracle United States
Romine, Dr. Charles Director, Information Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) United States
Rossie, Doug VP, Partnerships SafeLogic United States
Roubinet, David Security Architect ST Microelectronics France
Roux, Sonia   Government of Canada Canada
Roy, Amalendu   Motorola Solutions, Inc. United States
Ruiz, Jose CTO jtsec Beyond IT Security Spain
Russ, Robert Cyber Security Engineer Leidos, Inc. United States
Rutledge, Bill Director ICMC United States
Saarinen, Markku-Juhani Senior Cryptography Engineer PQShield Ltd. United Kingdom
SAKURAI, Gen’ya   Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan Japan
Sakurai, Gen’ya   ITPA Japan  
Samuel, Rob Head of Security Assurance – Canada Amazon Web Services Canada
Samuel, Javed Practice Director Cryptography Services NCC Group United States
Sato, Shinji Supervisor of IT Security Technology Evaluation Department Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan
Saul, Thomas Senior Practice Consultant Quintessence Labs Inc United States
Saunders, Rory CSTL Lab Manager COACT, Inc. United States
Savard, Stephen   Shared Services Canada  
Schaffer, Martin Global Head of Cybersecurity Services SGS Austria
Schaffer, Kim Transition FIPS 140-3 Lead NIST United States
Scheepers, Marion Professor Boise State University United States
Schindler, Werner section head Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) Germany
Schmalz, Steven Field CTO – RSA Federal RSA United States
Scholl, Matthew Division Lead NIST United States
Schulze-Hewett, Jonathan   ISC  
Schwarz, Henry   Triton United States
Scott, Greg   CRYPTSOFT Australia
Seong, Hyoeun   Kookmin university Korea
seymour, tony risk director amseymour consulting United Kingdom
Seymour, Tony Editor ISO 27099 PKI / Trusted Service Providers and ISO 21188; and Consultant Comsign Europe United Kingdom
Shade, Loren VP Marketing Allegro Software United States
Shaffer, Shane Contractor NIST United States
Shahhosseini, Amir Program Manager VMware United States
sharpe, t   a  
Shaw , Rebeca   Thales United States
Shelton, Bill Program Director- Certifications Juniper Networks United States
Shulman, Rebecca   ICMC  
Siddharth, Sakthidharan Product Owner F5 Networks  
Sikora, Petr Officer of ICT Security Department National Cyber and Information Security Agency Czech Republic
Slegers, Wouter CEO TrustCB Netherlands
Slodki, Zenon Sr. Manager Waveserver Optical Transport R&D Ciena Canada
Smith, Ed Senior System Security Engineer Viasat United States
Smith, Jonathan Senior Security Tester Cygnacom Solutions United States
Smrčka, Martin Head of ICT Security Department National Cyber and Information Security Agency Czech Republic
Sonmez Turan, Meltem Cryptographer NIST United States
Sorce, Simo Senior Principal Software Engineer Red Hat United States
Soukharev, Vladimir Principal Cryptographic Technologist & Chief Post-Quantum Researcher InfoSec Global Canada
Souleles, Richard Security Test Technition Aegisolve, inc. United States
Spann, Travis President Aegisolve United States
Staples, Robert   NIST United States
Stapleton, Jeff Chair X9F4 Cybersecurity and Cryptographic Solutions Workgroup United States
Starozhilov, Eugene Sr Principal Software Engineer iDirect Government United States
Steck, Randall Founder/CEO ThinqSoft United States
Steinhour, Maryrita Principal Software Engineer – Security F5 Networks United States
Streets, Marcus Principal security Architect Arm Ltd. United Kingdom
Suryaputra, Stephen   Extreme Networks United States
Symul, Thomas   Quintessencelabs Australia
Szendrő , Sándor Developer i4p informatics Hungary
Taylor, Hilary CAO NewAE Technology Inc. Canada
Test, Jim Director Technolog United States
Thibault, Jean-Pierre Senior Security Engineer NewAE Technology Inc. Canada
Thich, Minh Security Engineer VMware United States
Thomas, Ryan CST Lab Manager Acumen Security Canada
Thomas, Ryan CST Lab Manager Acumen Security United States
Thurston, Alex Senior Software Developer Lightship Security Canada
Trapnell, Beverly CMVP Program Manager NIST United States
Trinh, Quang Product Manager Palo Alto Networks United States
Tseng, Jason CSTL Lab Manager Leidos, Inc. United States
Tsui, Tsun-Te Manager TUVAP Taiwan
Tung, Will   Thales United States
Turner, Lachlan Director Consulting Lightship Security Canada
Unkule, Swapneela   atsec information security United States
Urian, Rainer Security Certification Expert Infineon Germany
Vadlakunta, Raghu Vamshi   Acumen Security LLC United States
Van Andel, Bob President Allegro Software Development  
van der Sluis, Erik Sr Hardware Security Architect Intrinsic-ID BV Netherlands
Van Nieuwenhuyze, Olivier Security System Architect STMicroelectronics Belgium
Varalikar, Apurva   Acumen Security United States
Vassilev, Apostol   NIST United States
Vilcocq, Guillaume Director sales, Europe and Americas eShard France
Vogel, Michael Principal Consultant atsec information security Germany
Vogel, Michael   atsec  
Vora, Ashit   Acumen Security United States
Vora, Ashit   Acumen Security  
Walia, Madhur   VMware India
WANG, YUNTAO   Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Japan
Weaver, Rod EMEA wolfSSL  
Wehmann, Katherine   Jericho Schools  
Weingart, Steve Consultant Highland Tech LLC United States
Weisz, Joel   PCI  
Weymann, Steve   KeyPair Consulting Inc United States
White, Charles CTO Fornetix United States
Wierbinski, Timothy Sr. Engineer Leidos United States
Williamson, Michael FIPS 140 Certification Program Manager Western Digital Corporation United States
Wilson, Stephen Strategic Account Manager Underwriter Laboratories (UL) United States
Winebrenner, Clint Technical Lead Cisco Systems, Inc. United States
Wiseman, Charles   NIST United States
Wiseman, Jordan Senior Consultant Online Business Systems United States
Wolff, Tricia Certifications Consultant Corsec Security United States
Wong, Kwok Security Analyst Cygnacom Solutions United States
Wong, KWOK   Cygnacom Solutions  
Wood, Brian Mr Samsung Research America United States
Yahyaei, Mehri Senior Manager of IT Laboratories RCII Iran – Islamic Republic of
Yang, Paul Staff Engineer Ant Financial China
Yang, Kwang-Jik Senior Researcher The Attached Institute of ETRI South Korea
Yayan, Mehmet Selcuk   Procenne Turkey
Yeom, Yongjin professor Kookmin university South Korea
Yerra, Girish Kumar Staff Engineer Marvell United States
Yin, Lisa   YLY Security Consulting United States
Yiu, Kelvin Technical Program Manager Amazon United States
Zakaria, Abdul Alif Analyst CyberSecurity Malaysia Malaysia
Zhang, Mike   F5 Networks United States
ZHUANG, GONGYUAN security architect AMD United States
Zimmerman, Dan Security Technologist Intel United States