May 14-17, 2019 | JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, Canada

ICMC18 Registrants

Updated May 3, 2018

Name Title Company Country
aaraj, najwa Independent Consultant Portugal
Abdurahmanovic, Admir VP Strategy PrimeKey Solutions AB Sweden
Ables, King Senior Consultant atsec information security corporation United States
Abromeit, Arnold FIPS 140 Lab Manager TUViT (Germany) Germany
Abubshait, Abdullah Security Engineer Cygnacom Solutions United States
Adams, Carlisle Professor University of Ottawa Canada
Adham, Saman TSMC Canada
Agrenius Kushner, Mike Product Owner PrimeKey Solutions AB Sweden
Albert, Michael Engineer Government of Canada Canada
Anderson, Tim AWS United States
Astier, Luc Gemalto
Atoui, Roland Managing Director Red Alert Labs France
Aussel, Jean-Daniel Head of Standardization gemalto France
Azarderakhsh, Reza Assistant Professor FAU and PQSecure Technologies United States
Baik, Junghyun “Francis” CEO EYL Inc. United States
Baish, Mary Director NIAP
Baker, Debra Regulatory Compliance Engineer Cisco United States
Balasubramanian, Sridhar Principal Security Architect NetApp, Inc., United States
Bannerman, Ross Synopsys Canada
Banoczi, James US Government United States
Bañon , Miguel Director Epoche and Espri (a Dekra company) Spain
Baushke, Mark Distinguished Engineer Juniper Networks, Inc United States
Becker, Bob VP Engineering Allegro Software United States
Bent, Ian Gemalto Canada
Bernstein, Daniel J. University of Illinois at Chicago United States
Bertoni, Guido CEO Security Pattern Italy
Beslic, Dean Information Systems Security Bureau Croatia
Bierig, Bethany Marketing & Communications DNV GL United States
Blank, Jeffrey National Security Agency United States
Boggie, John Director Head of Product Certification NXP Semiconductors United Kingdom
Boire, Marc Lab Director CGI
Booth, Harold Computer Scientist NIST United States
Boswell, Tony Senior Principal Consultant DNV GL United Kingdom
Brickman, Joshua Director, Security Evaluations Oracle Corp United States
Brown, Mike CTO ISARA Corporation Canada
Brown, Trevor Sr Principal Product Manager CA Technologies Canada
Brown, David Senior Engineer Linaro United States
Brownlie, Michael Treasury Board Secretariat Canada
Brych, Chris Sr. Principal Security Analyst Oracle Canada
Burgess, Gus CSC (a DXC.TEchnology company) Canada
Burns, Robert Chief Security Officer Thales eSecurity United States
Busciglio, Anthony Lab Manager Acumen Security United States
Caley, Timothy Government of Canada Canada
Calis, Alexander IT Specialist (security) NIST United States
Cantlon, Carol Senior IT Security Specialist EWA-Canada Canada
Cason, Adam Director of Product Marketing Futurex United States
Cater, Denise IT Security Consultant Icon Security United Kingdom
Celi, Christopher Computer Scientist NIST United States
Cerri, Marcelo Software Engineer Canonical
Chander, Gaurav Product Manager Encryption Gemalto Canada
Chen, Jen Executive Director DarkMatter United Arab Emirates
Chen, Lily Mathematician USA United States
Chitnis, Sunil Director, Embedded Manageability Protocols, Infrastructure and Security Brocade Communications United States
Cho, Alex CTO EYL Inc. United States
Choi, Jeong Woon Manager SK telecom South Korea
Christow, Falco Sr.Product Manager Gemalto Canada
Clark, Cory Government of Canada
Comer, Alyson Senior Software Engineer IBM
Conlon, Chris Engineering Manager wolfSSL Inc. United States
Connor, Erin Director EWA-Canada Canada
Conrad-Antoville, Arianrhod Director of Operations Penumbra Security, Inc. United States
Cook, Brent Engineering Manager Rapid7 United States
COOPER, MICHAEL IT Specialist NIST United States
Coppens, Roxane Synopsys Canada
Cornwell, David CSTL Technical Director Booz Allen Hamilton United States
Costa, Graham Security and Certifications Manager Gemalto United Kingdom
Couillard, Bruno President & CTO Crypto4A Canada
Courtney, Tim Security FW Engineer Seagate Technology United States
Cox, Tony VP Partners, Alliances & Standards Crypotsoft Australia
Cranford, Justin Principal Software Apps Developer Entrust Datacard Canada
Crippa Martinez, Christine Certification team manager Gemalto France
Crombie, Roy CMVP Reviewer Government of Canada Canada
Cunningham, Jason Senior Consultant Lightship Security, Inc. Canada
Dale, Paul Consulting Member of Technical Staff Oracle Australia Australia
Dangana, Isaac IoT Security Analyst Red Alert Labs France
Daw, Ellie Software Engineer Cisco United States
Dean, James CGI Canada
deboyser, Fabien Certification Engineer Thales United States
Deshpande, Jatin G+D Mobile sECURITY United States
Desplanque, Kelvin Compliance Engineer Cisco Systems, Inc. Canada
Diaz, Terrie Technical Engineer CC Lead Cisco United States
Diaz de Villegas, Chela Program Manager McAfee United States
Dinse, Morgan Assistant Red Alert Labs France
Dobranski, Lawrence Managing Principal Engineer Catalone IT Security Inc. Canada
Dodson, Graydon Security Engineer Lexmark Intl. Inc. United States
Dunn, Chris President Assured Crypto Inc. Canada
Dunphy, Claudia Product Marketing Manager Gemalto Canada
edmond, marie line accounting soge United States
Erman, Gilad CheckPoint
Fakhri, Abbas Security QA Engineer Cygnacom Solutions United States
Farthing, Sam Cisco United States
Fay, Julian CTO Senetas Australia
Felder, Kendrall Global Strategy Cisco Systems, Inc. United States
Fenwick, Valerie Intel United States
Ferozpuri, Ahmed George Mason University United States
Ferreira, Mark Sr Software Developer Entrust Datacard Canada
Fluhrer, Scott Principal Engineer Cisco Systems United States
Fox, James Computer Scientist NIST United States
Fravventura, Maria Security Evaluator Brightsight Netherlands
Frawley Braun, Kim CC Lab Manager EWA-Canada Canada
French, Carolyn CMVP Program Manager CSE Canada
Fuchs, Ken Motorola Solutions United States
Fussell, Barry Cisco Systems United States
Gajula, Vijay Sr. Technical Security Compliance Analyst Citrix Systems United States
Gardiner, Michael Gemalto Canada
Gauthier, Denis Senior Software Development Manager Oracle Australia
Gauvreau, Mark Deputy Project Manager EWA-Canada Canada
Geddis, Shawn Security & Certifications Engineer Apple Inc. United States
Gheorghiu, Vlad Researcher at the Institute for Quantum Computing University of Waterloo Canada
Goller, Gabriel Senior R&D Expert Cryptology G+D Mobile Security GmbH Germany
Gonzalez, Juan Lab Manager BAE Systems AI Australia
Gornall, Alan Principal Consultant Rycombe Consulting United Kingdom
Gouchet, Quentin IT Security Consultant atsec information security corporation United States
GOYET, Christophe VP of Technology IDEMIA United States
Gray, John Software Developer Entrust Datacard Canada
Green, Jon Aruba Networks United States
Green, Tammy Senior Principal Security Architect Symantec United States
Grienti, Vincent Owner/Senior Analyst Angelus Consulting Group Inc. Canada
Grimm, Mike Senior Program Manager Microsoft United States
Groetker , Thorsten Utimaco
Guerin, Francois Security Program Manager Gemalto France
Guo, Chris Principal Engineer, Engineering Ultra Electronics, 3eTI United States
Gustavsson, Tomas CTO PrimeKey Solutions AB Sweden
Hale, Dianne NIAP
Hale, Dianne NIAP United States
Halevi, Shai IBM Research United States
Halfyard, Nadine EWA-Canada
Hall, Ian Certification Architect Symantec
Hamilton, Scott Synopsys Canada
Hanson, Mark Program Manager McAfee, LLC United States
HariPai, Vineetha Security Engineer Canonical
Harrison, Dusten Technical Lead Canonical
HART, JASON CTO Data Protection Gemalto Canada
Heinrich , Steffen Senior Product Manager Authentication G+D Mobile Security United States
Heins, Michael Synopsys Canada
Herborth, Chris Senior Security Developer ISARA Corporation Canada
Herskedal, Eirik Director of Product Management Gemalto Canada
Hill, Joshua Information Security Scientist UL VS United States
Hook, David Crypto Workshop/Legion of the Bouncy Castle Australia
Hu, Anthony Security Developer ISARA Canada
Hudson, Tim CTO Cryptsoft Australia
Huttner, Bruno Director of quantum space programs ID Quantique Switzerland
in 't Veld, Erwin Riscure
Ireland, Marc FIPS Program Manager UL United States
Jachtchenco, Sergio President HST Systems and Technology INC United States
Jagannathan, Ravi Security Engineer VMware United States
Jamieson, Mike Senior Engineer Allegro Software United States
Jang, Sangwoon Manager ETRI South Korea
Jiang, Di National Research Council Canada
Jing, Janet IT Speicialist DoC/NIST United States
Johansson, Jerry Certifier FMV Sweden
Jones, Scott Assistant Deputy Minister Communications Security Establishment
Ju, Wangho Researcher Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI) South Korea
Kaiser, David Director, Product Security Office Seagate United States
Kajtar, Candice Marketing Cryptsoft Pty Ltd Australia
Kawai, Yasuhiko Security Evaluator Information Technology Security Center Japan
Kawale, Nish VP Sales Engineering, Americas Senetas Canada
Kaye, Alan Director, Compliance MAnagement Fortinet Canada
Keller, Mat Senior Program Manager Corsec United States
Kenwowrthy, Gary Technical Director Rambus United States
Kim, Jun-Sub Korea Internet & Security Agency South Korea
kirmizi, ibrahim halil Common Criteria Certifier Turkish Standards Institution Turkey
Kohnen, John IT Security Specialist EWA-Canada Canada
Kondamudi, Nicholas Product Manager Gemalto Canada
Koning, Bart Jan Riscure
Kool, Leo Senior Security Evaluator Brightsight Netherlands
KRUITBOSCH, GERRIT Senior Security Engineer UL Verification Services Inc. United States
Kung, Tom ITS Engineer Government of Canada Canada
Lamb, Kirk Senior Engineer IBM United States
Lamb, Richard ZX Communications Inc United States
Lamoureux, Francois Advisor, Program Management RSA Canada
Lange, Tanja Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Canada
Larock, Trevor Juniper Networks Canada
Larsen, Shawn Engineer Government of Canada Canada
Lasoski, Ken Senior Certifications Consultant Corsec United States
Lathem, Jerry Cisco United States
Laursen, Don Principal Product Manager F5 Networks, Inc United States
Lawlor, Jason Lightship Security, Inc.
Legeault, Brigitte Supervisor Government of Canada Canada
Levy, Malcolm Certification Manager Check Point Software Technologies Israel
LIN, CHIA-HUNG Director TUV Asia Pacific Taiwan Branch Taiwan
LINTZEN, JOHANNES EVP Business Development Cryptomathic Inc. United States
Lirio, Rubén Cyber Security Product Manager DEKRA Testing and Certification, S.A.U. Spain
Liu, Nelson Senior Principal Engineer Ciena Corporation
Liu, Limin Senior Engineer Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Loker, Michael Principal Product Owner CA Technologies Canada
Longa, Patrick Cryptographic researcher Microsoft Research United States
Lucas, Jerry President Telestrategies Inc.
Ma, Yuan Director of Security Testing Lab Institute of Information Engineering, CAS
MacArthur, Teresa PM, Certification Documentation Services EWA-Canada Canada
Mack, Laurie Director Security & Certifications Gemalto Canada
Macphee, Allan Gemalto Canada
MacPherson, Alex Chief Cyber Security Engineer Department of Nation Defence (Canada) Canada
Mahapatra, Smita Security and Certfications Analyst Gemalto Canada
Mahmud, Rumman Compliance Engineer Cisco Systems, Inc United States
Mao, Yi VP and Lab Director atsec USA United States
Marks, Chris Sr Principal Security Analyst Oracle United States
Martin, Stephanie Security and Certification Engineer Apple United States
Maskara, Manoj Sr. Program Manager VMware, Inc. United States
Mateu, Victor Crypto Developer Darkmatter United Arab Emirates
Mathur, Rohit Software Development Manager, AWS CloudHSM AWS United States
Max, Volker Key Account Manager Cybersecurity Def. & Gov. Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH Germany
Maxwell, David Chief Security Officer InfoSec Global Canada
Mazuruc, Alexander Senior Developer and Cryptographer WinMagic Inc Canada
McCarthy, Dan Manager COTS Assurance Program Government of Canada Canada
McGlashan, David DXC Technology Canada
McGrew, David Fellow Cisco United States
McKay, Michael VMware
McKinty, Steve Security Lead Oracle France
Mclearn, Greg Lightship Security, Inc.
McLennon, Diana It Security Specialist EWA-Canada Canada
Mehlberg, Michael Sr. Director of Business Development Rambus United States
Melendez, Eduardo CISO Grupo Salinas Mexico
Merlo, Keith CMVP Reviewer Government of Canada Canada
Micciche, Kevin Manager of Public Sector Certifications Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company United States
Milford, Simon Head of Cyber Security DNV GL United Kingdom
Minnoch, Mark FIPS 140-2 Consultant KeyPair Consulting United States
Mister, Serge Sr. Software Security Architect Entrust Datacard Canada
Miyashita, Misaki Oracle Corporation United States
Moody, Dustin NIST United States
Moore, Brad Program Manager NIST – NVLAP United States
Moore, Todd SVP, Encryption Products Gemalto United States
Morris, Ed Lab Director Gossamer Secuity Solutions, Inc. United States
Mosca, Michele Professor University of Waterloo Canada
Moufarrej, Jennifer CMVP Reviewer Government of Canada Canada
Mraz, Tomas FIPS validation tech lead Red Hat Czech Republic
Mueller, Stephan Consultant atsec information security corp. United States
Mulholland, John Director, Quantum Risk Management evolutionQ Inc Canada
Myers, Jerome Aerospace Corporation United States
Nad, Tomislav Chief Security Architect & Cryptographer InfoSec Global Switzerland
Nam, Sae Woo Physicist NIST United States
Newton, Elaine Oracle
Newton, Kerrie Fortinet Technologies Canada
Nguyen, Thinh Gemalto
Nguyen, Victor Project Manager Apricorn United States
Nicewick, Amy CEO SalusSec, LLC United States
Nicewick, Art CTO SalusSec LLC United States
Nielson, Seth Director of Advanced Research Projects Johns Hopkins University United States
Noel, Peter Technical Manager Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Canada
Noman, Ali Senior Software Developer Entrust Datacard Canada
nunez, renaudt IT Security Consultant atsec information security United States
O'Rourke, MaryLou Senior Principal Network Staff Dell Canada
Oczko, Martin Head of Appliance Technologies PrimeKey Labs GmbH Germany
Offers, Patrick Synopsys Canada
Ono, Kazuyoshi ECSEC Laboratory Inc. Japan
Ott, Gesa Head of Certification and Security Architecture Utimaco IS GmbH Germany
Ott, David Researcher / Director VMware United States
Ounsworth, Mike Software Security Architect Entrust Datacard Canada
Paik, JungHa Senior Engineer Samsung South Korea
Panock, Marybeth Sr. Engineering Specialist The Aerospace Corporation United States
Paquin, Christian Principal Program Manager Microsoft United States
Park, Jongwon “JP” Chief Strategy Officer EYL Inc. United States
Pathmanathan, Dayanandini Common Criteria Evaluator Cygnacom Solutions Canada
pecen, Mark COO Isara Canada
Penfield, Shannon Federal Certification Symantec
Perrin, Christopher Senior strategy manager secure products group Motorola solutions inc
Petro, John Senior Cryptographer Envieta Systems LLC United States
Phaneuf, Jean Charles CEO Quantum numbers corp Canada
Pickering, Tim Business Director wolfSSL United States
Pinet, Shawn Senior Security Analyst Gemalto Canada
Polulyakh, Diana VP of Marketing Advanced Data Security, LLC United States
Polulyakh, Eugene President Advanced Data Security, LLC United States
Popa, Claudia ITS Engineer Government of Canada Canada
Poppa, Florian Software Developer QuintessenceLabs Australia
Potoczny-Jones, Isaac CEO Tozny, LLC United States
Powers, Michael CSTL Technical Director Leidos
Poyar, Rachael US Government United States
Preston, Tim EWA Canada Canada
Principe, Nikki CNXTD Event Media Services United States
Proffitt, Brad Lightship Security Inc.
Pruss, Brian Motorola Solutions, Inc United States
Rachamadugu, Nithya Director Cygnacom Solutions United States
Ratcliffe, Steve Regulatory Compliance Engineer Cisco Systems United States
Ray, John PLM Gemalto Canada
Relyea, Robert Principle Programmer Red Hat Inc. United States
Relyea, Robert Red Hat Inc.
reulet, bertrand Professor Université de Sherbrooke Canada
Reznik, Jaroslav Certifications Program Manager Red Hat, Inc. Czech Republic
Rich, Bruce Cryptsoft Fellow Cryptsoft Pty, Ltd United States
Rico, Jose Emilio Lab Manager Epoche and Espri (a Dekra company) Spain
Rinehart, Brian Technical Director Crystal Group United States
Robert, Natalya Certification Engineer Thales e-security United States
Robinson, Diana Senior Program Manager Symantec Corporation
Roginsky, Allen Mathematician NIST United States
Röhrich, Stefan Cryptography & Certification Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH Germany
Roy, Amalendu Sr. Staff Engineer Motorola Solutions, Inc. United States
Ruiz Gualda, Jose Francisco Co-Founder JTSEC BEYOND IT SECURITY S.L. Spain
Rutledge, Bill Director Certified InfoSec Conference United States
Rutledge, William Cnxtd Inc. United States
Rutledge, William Project Manager ICMC United States
Sabourin, Dave Acting director of Cryptographic Client Services and Operations. Communication Security Establishment Canada
Salz, Rich Senior Architect Akamai Technologies / OpenSSL United States
Sandberg-Maitland, William Principal Scientist Spyrus Inc. Canada
Saunders, Rory Sr. Security Analyst COACT United States
Savard, Stephen Senior Advisor Shared Services Canada Canada
Scanlin, Michael Information Assurance Program Manager NetApp Inc United States
Schmalz, Steven Field CTO, RSA Public Sector RSA United States
Scotten, Susan Program Manager Hewlett Packard Company United States
Sero, Jonathan IT Security Specialist EWA-Canada Canada
Shade, Loren VP Marketing Allegro Software United States
Shelton, Bill Director, Federal Certifications and Policy Juniper Networks United States
Sherkin, Alexander Dark Matter Canada
SILVA, Gustavo A. R. Linux Kernel Engineer Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative Mexico
Sinitski, Kirill Lab Manager Cygnacom Canada
Slegers, Wouter Your Creative Solutions Netherlands
Slodki, Zenon Senior Manager R&D Optical Transport Ciena Canada
Smith, Jonathan Senior Security Tester Cygnacom Solutions United States
Smithson, Brian Senior Security Architect Ricoh US United States
Soukharev, Vladimir Chief Post-Quantum Researcher & Cryptographer InfoSec Global Canada
Spann, Travis President, Laboratory Director AEGISOLVE United States
Sperka, Vladimir NUKIB Czech Republic
Squires, Alicia Manager of Security Assurance Cisco United States
Staples, Robert NIST
Steck, Randy Founder Symbiotic Systems Research., LLC United States
Streets, marcus Mr
Svarcova, Marie NUKIB Czech Republic
Tallon, Javier Co Founder jtsec Beyond IT Security Spain
test, Test x
Thomas, Ryan CSTL Lab Manager Acumen Security United States
Thurston, Alex Senior Software Developer Lightship Security
Tomb, Aaron Principal Researcher Galois United States
Torok, Monika Engineer Government of Canada Canada
Trapnell, Beverly Acting Program Manager, CMVP NIST United States
Truskovsky, Alexander Senior Product Manager ISARA Corporation Canada
TSAI, YI-HUA Security engineer Telecom Technology Center Taiwan
Tse, Natasha Product Manager Gemalto Canada
Tseng, Jason FIPS Lab Manager Leidos
TSUI, TSUN-TE Manager TÜV Asia Pacific Ltd., Taiwan Taiwan
Tucker, Benjamin Citrix Systems, Inc. United States
Tung, William Sr. Security & Certifications Analyst Gemalto
Turner, Lachlan Lightship Security, Inc.
Tysowski, Peter Postdoctoral Researcher University of Waterloo Canada
Underwood, Rosa Juniper Networks
Unkule, Swapneela IT Security Consultant atsec Information Security corp United States
Uyehara, Andrei Riverbed Technology, Inc. United States
Van Andel, Bob President Allegro Software United States
van Hemert, Vincent Senior Project Manager Brightsight Netherlands
Van Nieuwenhuyze, Olivier Senior R&D Engineer STMicroelectronics Belgium
Vassilev, Apostol Research Lead NIST United States
Vogel, Michael Security Certification Architect Huawei Technologies Germany
Vora, Ashit Vice President Acumen Security United States
Wang, Zhiqiang Lab Manager Gossamer Security Solutions, Inc. United States
Watford, Mike Solutions Architect CIENA Canada
Watson, Gaven Cryptomathic United States
Weingart, Steve Manager of Public Sector Certifications Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company United States
Weston, John Chief Software Architect Senetas Australia
Weymann, Steve Co-Founder KeyPair Consulting Inc. United States
White, Debbie Common Criteria Certifier Government of Canada Canada
White, Charles CTO Fornetix United States
Whyte, William CTO Onboard Security United States
Wilkerson, Geoff Product Security Engineer Seagate Technology United States
Williamson, Michael Program Manager, FIPS 140-2 Western Digital United States
Wilson, Stephen Sr. Sales Executive UL United States
Winebrenner, Clint Technical Lead Cisco Systems United States
Wong, Kwok Security Engineer CygnaCom Solutions United States
Wood, Jesse IT Security Specialist EWA-Canada Canada
WOOD, BRIAN Samsung Research America United States
Woodring, Michael Senior Hardware Architect SafeNet Assured Technologies United States
Yamada, Atsushi VP, Research & Development ISARA Corporation Canada
Yang, Paul Architect BaishanCloud China
Yeh, Kuo-yi engineer Telecom Tec. Center Taiwan
Yeom, Yongjin Associate professor Kookmin university South Korea
Yu, Ron Sr. Director Technology Alliances Utimaco United States
Zheng, Fangyu Chief Engineer of Security Testing Lab Institute of Information Engineering , Chinese Academy of Sciences China
Zoulas, Christos Secretary The NetBSD Foundation, Inc. United States