May 14-17, 2019 | JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, Canada


Dr. Najwa Aaraj

Independent Consultant

King Ables

Senior Consultant, atsec information security corporation

Abdullah Abubshait

Cygnacom Solutions

Tim Anderson

Program Manager, WWPS Security & Compliance Business Acceleration Team, Amazon

Roland Atoui

Red Alert Labs

Reza Azarderakhsh

Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University and PQSecure Technologies

Mary Baish

Deputy Director, NIAP

Debra Baker

Cybersecurity Evangelist, Cisco

Sridhar Balasubramanian

Principal Product Security Architect, NetApp

Miguel Bañón

Global Technology Leader for Cyber Security DEKRA

Daniel J. Bernstein

Research Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago

Guido Bertoni

Co-Founder and CEO, Security Pattern

Jeff Blank

Technical Director, Endpoint Solutions, NSA Cybersecurity

John Boggie

Director, Head of Product Certification, NXP Semiconductors

Harold Booth

Computer Scientist, NIST

Tony Boswell

Senior Principal Consultant, DNV GL

Steven Bowles

Chief Security Officer, Futurex

Joshua Brickman

Director, Security Evaluations, Oracle

David Brown

Senior SW Engineer, Linaro

Mike Brown

CTO, ISARA Corporation

Robert Burns

CSO, Thales e-Security

Anthony Busciglio

Co-Founder & Laboratory Director, Acumen Security

Carol Cantlon

Senior IT Security Evaluator, EWA-Canada

Lily Chen

Mathematician, NIST

Jeong Woon Choi

Quantum Technology Lab, SK Telecom

Cory Clark

IT Security Specialist, CSEC

Chris Conlon

Software Engineer, wolfSSL

Erin Connor

Director, EWA-Canada

Brent Cook


Michael Cooper

IT Specialist, NIST

Bruno Couillard

President & CEO, Crypto4A, Canada

Tony Cox

VP Partners, Alliances and Standards, Cryptsoft Pty Ltd.

Joan Daemen

Principal Cryptographer, STMicroelectronics

Isaac Dangana

Red Alert Labs

Ellie Daw

Software Engineer, Common Security Modules, Cisco Systems

Fabien Deboyser

Certification Engineer, Thales e-Security

Kelvin Desplanque

Security Certification Engineer, Cisco Systems

Terrie Diaz

Product Certification Engineer, Cisco Systems

Lawrence Dobranski

Managing Principal Engineer, Catalone IT Security

Valerie Fenwick

Director of Software Engineering, Intel

Ahmed Ferozpuri

George Mason University

Carolyn French

Manager Cryptographic Module Validation Program

Ken Fuchs

Science Advisory Board Associate, Motorola Solutions

Barry Fussell

Software Technical Leader, Cisco Systems

Jon Geater

CTO, Thales e-Security

Shawn Geddis

Security & Certifications Engineer, Apple Inc.

Vlad Gheorghiu

Researcher, Institute for Quantum Computing

Nick Goble

FIPS 140 Program Manager, CGI

Gabriel Goller

R&D Specialist Cryptology, G+D Mobile Security

Alan Gornall

Principal Consultant, Rycombe Consulting

Quentin Gouchet

IT Security Consultant, atsec information security

Jon Green

VP and Chief Technologist for Security at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Tammy Green

Senior Principal Security Architect, Symantec

Michael Grimm

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Thorsten Groetker

CTO, Utimaco

Jose Ruiz Gualda

Co-founder, jtsec Beyond IT Security

Chris Guo

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI

Tomas Gustavsson

CTO, PrimeKey Solutions

Shai Halevi

Principal Research Staff Member, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

İbrahim Halil Kirmizi

Common Criteria Certification Specialist, Turkish Standards Institution, Turkey

Ian Hall

Certification Architect, Symantec

Jason Hart

CTO Data Protection, Gemalto

Joshua Hill

Information Security Scientist, UL

Ryan Hill

Community Outreach Manager, atsec information security

David Hook

Director/Consultant, Crypto Workshop

Tim Hudson

CTO and Technical Director, Cryptsoft Pty Ltd.

Bruno Huttner

Quantum Safe Product Management, ID Quantique SA

Erwin in ‘t Veld

Product Manager, Riscure

Bart Jan Koning

Business Development Manager, Riscure

Scott Jones

Assistant Deputy Minister, Information Technology Security, Communications Security Establishment

Alan Kaye

Director, Compliance Management, Fortinet

Matt Keller

Senior Program Manager, Corsec

Gary Kenworthy

Technical Director, Rambus - Cryptography Research

Leo Kool

Senior Security Evaluator, BrightSight

Richard Lamb


Tanja Lange

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Malcolm Levy

Certification Manager, Check Point Software Technologies

Patrick Longa

Cryptographic Researcher, Microsoft Research, USA

Yuan Ma

Director of Security Testing Lab, Institute of Information Engineering , Chinese Academy of Sciences

Teresa MacArthur

Project Manager, Certification Documentation Services, EWA-Canada

Laurie Mack

Director Security & Certifications, Gemalto

Alex MacPherson

Cyber Security Engineering & Architecture, National Defense / Government of Canada

Rumman Mahmud

Compliance Engineer, Cisco Systems

David Sabourin

Acting Director, Cryptographic Client Services and Operations

Yi Mao

VP and Lab Director, atsec USA

Victor Mateu

Crypto Developer, DarkMatter

David McGrew

Cisco Fellow, Cisco Systems

Greg McLearn

Technical Director, Lightship Security

Simon Milford

Head of Cyber Security, DNV GL

Mark Minnoch

Co-Founder, KeyPair Consulting

Dustin Moody

Mathematician, NIST

Todd Moore

Senior Vice President, Encryption Products, Gemalto

Edward Morris

Co-founder, Gossamer Security Solutions

Michele Mosca

University Research Chair and Co-Founder, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo; Co-Founder & CEO, evolutionQ Inc., Canada

Tomas Mraz

Senior SW Engineer, Red Hat

Stephan Mueller

Principal Consultant and Evaluator, atsec information security

Tomislav Nad

Chief Security Architect and Cryptographer, InfoSec Global

Elaine Newton

Senior Director, Oracle

Arthur Nicewick

SalusSec LLC

Dr. Seth Nielson

Director of Advanced Research Projects, Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute (JHUISI)

Renaudt Nunez

IT Security Consultant, atsec Information Security

Martin Oczko

Head of Appliance Technologies, PrimeKey Labs GmbH

Mike Ounsworth

Software Developer, Entrust Datacard

Christian Paquin

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Jongwon “JP” Park

Chief Strategy Officer, EYL

Dayanandini Pathmanathan

Common Criteria Evaluator, CygnaCom Solutions, Canada

Mark Pecen

CEO, Approach Infinity & COO, ISARA Corporation

John Petro

Senior Cryptographer, Envieta Systems

Isaac Potoczny-Jones

CEO, Tozny, LLC

Ray Potter

CEO & Founder, SafeLogic

Brad Proffitt

Business Director, Lightship Security

Nithya Rachamadugu

Director, CygnaCom

Robert Relyea

Principal, Red Hat

Bertrand Reulet

Professor, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Jose Emilio Rico

Lab Technical Manager, DEKRA

Allen Roginsky

Mathematician, NIST

Bill Rutledge

Project Director, ICMC

Rich Salz

Senior Architect, Akamai Technologies; Member, OpenSSL Dev Team

William Sandberg-Maitland

Principal Scientist, SPYRUS

Mike Scanlin

Information Assurance Program Manager, NetApp

Steven Schmalz

Principal Systems Engineer, RSA—the Security Division of EMC

Loren Shade

VP Marketing, Allegro Software

Gustavo A. R. Silva

Linux Kernel Engineer, Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative

Kirill Sinitski

Common Criteria Lab Manager, CygnaCom

Wouter Slegers

CEO, Your Creative Solutions

Vladimir Soukharev

Chief Post-Quantum Researcher & Cryptographer, InfoSec Global Inc.

Alicia Squires

Global Certifications Team – Manager, FIPS/Common Criteria, Cisco Systems

Javier Tallon

Co Founder, jtsec

Ryan Thomas

Laboratory Manager, Acumen Security

Aaron Tomb

Research Lead, Software Correctness, Galois

Lachlan Turner

Principal Consultant, Lightship Security

Swapneela Unkule

atsec information security

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

Board Member and Security Task Force Chair, GlobalPlatform

Apostol Vassilev

Research Lead–STVM, Computer Security Division, NIST

Ashit Vora

Co-founder & Laboratory Director, Acumen Security

Richard Wang

FIPS Laboratory Manager, Gossamer

Steve Weingart

Manager of Public Sector Certifications, Aruba, an HP Enterprise Company

Steve Weymann

Co-Founder, KeyPair Consulting Inc

Chuck White

CTO, Fornetix

Brian Wood

Device Security Certification Manager, Samsung Research America

Paul Yang

Architect, BaishanCloud

Fangyu Zheng

Chief Engineer of Security Testing Lab, Institute of Information Engineering , Chinese Academy of Sciences

Christos Zoulas

Secretary, NetBSD