May 8-11, 2018 | Shaw Centre | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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atsec information security

Platinum Sponsor, Booth 10

atsec information security is an independent, privately owned company that focuses on providing laboratory and consulting services for information security. We address commercial and government sectors around the world. Our consultants are expert in a variety of technologies including operating systems, databases, and network devices. Our laboratories specialise in evaluating and testing commercial products, using international standards to help provide assurance to end-users about the products they buy and use. We focus on assisting organizations, large and small, achieve compliance with standards such as Common Criteria, FIPS 140-2, O-TTPS, PCI, ISO/IEC 27001 and FISMA and offer a variety of services that complement that goal.



Gold Sponsor, Booth 15

Cryptsoft is a privately held Australian company that operates worldwide in the enterprise key management security market. Cryptsoft’s Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) software development kits (SDKs) are the market’s preferred OEM solutions. Cryptsoft’s solutions have been selected by prominent global companies for interoperable enterprise key management and encryption technology in their storage, security and cloud products. Cryptsoft is an OASIS Foundational Sponsor, SNIA and SSIF Voting Member. The Cryptsoft Quality Management System was initially certified to ISO 9001:2008 in 2010 and is formally certified to ISO 9001:2015. Refer to the current ISO 9001 certification certificate.


Allegro Software Development

Silver Sponsor, Booth 20

Secure Software for the Internet of Things – Allegro Software is a leading provider of embedded Internet software toolkits to product developers worldwide. Field proven in 200,000,000+ devices, our solutions enable manufacturers of hardware, software and digital products in the Military, Energy, Healthcare, Enterprise and Consumer markets to create connected secure devices using TLS, Suite B, FIPS 140-2 capabilities and more.


PrimeKey Solutions

Silver Sponsor, Booth 21

One of the world’s leading companies for PKI solutions, PrimeKey has developed successful technologies such as EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise and PrimeKey PKI Appliance. PrimeKey is a pioneer in open source security software that provides businesses and organisations around the world with the ability to implement security solutions such as e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures, unified digital identities and validation.


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Badge Sponsor

Gemalto enables its clients to offer trusted digital services for billions of individuals and things



Bag Sponsor

SafeLogic’s product line is focused on standards-based cryptographic engines designed for use in mobile, Cloud, server, wearable, IoT, workstation, and appliance environments. SafeLogic modules include RapidCert, the industry’s only FIPS 140-2 validation service that provides a certificate in the customer’s name, while drastically accelerating the timeline, requiring no additional engineering effort, zero interaction with testing labs, and at a fixed cost. SafeLogic was established in 2012, is privately held, and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California



EWA Canada IT Security Evaluation & Test Facility

Booth 44

EWA-Canada was incorporated and has been in operation since June 1988. We are recognized as Canada’s premiere provider of information and communications technology (ICT) security and assurance services and a global centre of excellence in security engineering and test and evaluation innovation. Our solutions are based on the vast expertise of our personnel, a structured system engineering approach, and vendor-neutral selection and implementation of appropriate technologies. Our commitment is to provide excellence to our clients. EWA-Canada provides experienced, qualified resources, and company expertise in all facets of security program development and assessments, product test, evaluation and certification, security architecture design and development, identification token and credential issuance, security incident response, computer forensics and training.



Booth 15

ISARA is the largest organization in the world focused solely on developing quantum-safe cryptographic solutions for integration into commercial products to protect against emerging security threats. As businesses and governments around the world seek to protect themselves from emerging cybersecurity threats, they are making long-term strategic bets on emerging technologies to address their future business needs. ISARA’s mission is to help our customers take important steps to address the next generation of privacy and security concerns in the quantum age. The ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite is the first commercial offering of a high-quality implementation of quantum resistant algorithms and related integration tools built for developers. It allows organizations and OEMs to integrate critical, quantum-safe security measures into commercial products and networks today, and facilitates the transition to crypto agility in enterprise security. ISARA’s R&D engagements include Canadian and UK Government agencies and several top 10 banks in North America. ISARA’s optimized quantum resistant algorithms for governments and large enterprises preserve user experience and performance while providing the highest levels of next generation security. ISARA has 30+ employees at its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, many with years of experience in technology companies, including BlackBerry, Certicom, Oracle, and McAfee, and academic and research institutions, including the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) and the Perimeter Institute. The ISARA team has expertise building high performance cryptographic systems for constrained environments.


NewAE Technology

Booth 25

NewAE Technology Inc. has designed the revolutionary ChipWhisperer, the first complete open-source toolchain (hardware and software) that performs power-analysis and glitching attacks on embedded systems. NewAE provides hardware, software support, and training to help customers understand how these attacks apply to their system, so they can build more secure systems.


Rambus Cryptography Research

Booth 31

The Rambus Cryptography Research division specializes in embedded security solutions to combat the worldwide threat to data integrity. Our innovative technologies span areas including tamper resistance, content protection, network security, media and payment and transaction services. Nearly nine billion security products are made annually with our security technology, and systems designed by our scientists and engineers protect billions of dollars in revenue every year. Additional information is available at


Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

Booth 12

Our products are developed in Germany. They are secure by design and proactively prevent even complex attacks. The award-winning IT security solutions from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity protect companies and public institutions worldwide against espionage and cyberattacks. From compact, all-in-one products to customized solutions for critical infrastructures



Booth 13

wolfSSL is an open source Internet security company whose primary products include the wolfSSL embedded SSL/TLS library, wolfCrypt embedded crypto engine, and wolfCrypt FIPS module. Primary users are programmers building security functionality into their applications and devices. wolfSSL employs the dual licensing model, offering products under the GPLv2 as well as a standard commercial license. wolfSSL’s products are designed to offer optimal performance, rapid integration, the ability to leverage hardware crypto, and support for the most current standards. All products are designed with clean APIs, and are backed by a dedicated and responsive support and development team.


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Event Sponsor

Brightsight is the largest independent security evaluation lab in the world. We have over 30 years of experience in evaluating security products against a variety of requirements, including Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems (Medical, IoT, Automotive), Smart Cards & Software components, Payment terminals, Mobile Payment solutions, including HCE, TEE, eSE, Telecommunication products, Smart Meters and Biometrics solutions.


CygnaCom Solutions

Event Sponsor

CygnaCom Solutions Inc. specializes in information assurance and product certification. We offer a full range of security certification, testing and consultancy services enabling our clients to meet the standards required by many government and regulatory bodies. Our staff of highly qualified professionals will guide your team through evaluations, validations, certifications, and assessments to ensure on time and within budget procurement eligibility and compliance. CygnaCom Solutions laboratories are accredited to conduct FIPS 140-2 cryptographic module (CMVP) and algorithm testing and Common Criteria evaluations in US (NIAP), Canada (CSE) and Turkey (TSE).