Lachlan Turner, Founder & Principal Consultant, Ark Infosec Labs Inc. In the world of Common Criteria, Protection Profiles are the nexus between all the players in the game of compliance – specifying security requirements and increasingly the methods for assessing compliance. Just like any game, it helps when the players speak a common language. This presentation is a primer for policy makers, procurers and vendors seeking to understand Protection Profiles:

  • Introduction to Common Criteria. A very quick primer on Common Criteria for newbies.
  • Introducing Protection Profiles. A primer to quickly understand Protection Profiles and place them in a context relevant to you.
  • Collaborative Protection Profiles. An introduction to Collaborative Protection Profiles (cPP) and supporting recognition processes.
  • Developing Protection Profiles. An introduction to Technical Communities and a starting point for those seeking to have input to the Protection Profile development process.
  • Complying with a Protection Profile. Key success factors for vendors complying with a Protection Profile.

Common Criteria Track