Garry McCracken, Vice President, Technology, WinMagic 

Software Full Drive Encryption (FDE) has been the prime choice for protecting the confidentiality of data at rest (DAR) on laptops for over a decade, but more and more Self-Encrypting drives (SEDs) are becoming the obvious choice for FDE because of their advantages in performance, transparency and security. The standard assurance approach for software FDE in the past has been FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL evaluations by third party accredited labs but there are difficulties with this approach for software FDE let alone SEDs.

To address these issues International Technical Community (iTC) work groups were formed to create collaborative Protection Profiles (cPP) for FDE. This presentation provides an introduction to the set of cPPs for Full Drive Encryption (FDE) and explains how they relate to each other.