Allen Roginsky, NIST.  The NIST Special Publication SP 800-131A was originally published in early 2011. This standard defined a transition path that was consistent with NIST policies on security strengths of both the symmetric-key and the public-key cryptographic algorithms. This transition has also limited the choice of the deterministic random number generators in the cryptographic modules validated by the CMVP.

In November 2015, NIST published a revised version of SP 800-131A. It announced the new phase of the transition. The new transition is scheduled to take place at the end of 2017. It will have a significant impact on cryptographic modules implementing the key establishment algorithms.

The speaker will discuss the motivation behind this transition, the impact of the transition on vendors and users, the updated algorithm standards, and the work that the CMVP and the Crypto Technology group at NIST do to help all affected parties.

General Technology Track