Tim Hudson, CTO and Technical Director, Cryptsoft Pty Ltd; Mark Minnoch, Technical Account Manager, SafeLogic. In July 2016, OpenSSL announced the commencement of a particularly difficult project – the development and validation of a FIPS 140-2 module for OpenSSL 1.1. This session will provide an inside look at the progress and hurdles faced by the unprecedented partnership between OpenSSL and SafeLogic.

Co-speakers Mark Minnoch (Technical Account Manager and former lab director, representing SafeLogic) and Tim Hudson (Technical Director at Cryptsoft, representing OpenSSL) will bring news from the OpenSSL 1.1 FIPS project in the following areas:

A strategic overview – why the project is so important, why it looked impossible, how it was initiated, and why federal agencies should be as excited as everyone else. They’ll introduce stakeholders, their roles, and responsibilities.

Next, the current status of the project, including lessons learned and challenges remaining. The pair will include technical details, such as what was required in the specifications to support FIPS mode, explanations of additional features, such as self-tests, a rundown on the algorithms contained, such as Suite B and CAVP validated selections, and the current project schedule. Strategy for companies and individuals who hope to deploy the software, and how the community can assist will follow.

Finally, Hudson and Minnoch will address audience questions about the technical features and the validation process. Attendees with dependencies on OpenSSL should not miss this talk and the rare chance for Q&A!

Open Source Crypto Track