Wouter Slegers, Founder, Your Creative Solutions What makes CC work so well for smart cards for ~20 years?

What are the consistent benefits are for high-assurance consensus methodology??And how is mobile speeding this up???

Common Criteria has been a silent, yet resounding success for smart cards: For almost two decades now, smart cards have been evaluated at high assurance levels (EAL4+ and higher), in larger amounts than any other product type, year after year. In this talk I will explain how CC is used in the smart card domain, and how this effective use of consensus on high-assurance evaluation can be applied in other domains too.

The ROI of working within this consensus is quite favorable, with just one evaluation addressing the assurance needs of all major schemes, in a reasonably efficient manner. This assurance is so high, that hacked certified smart cards are almost unheard of.

With this groundwork laid, I’ll then demonstrate how the challenging speed of mobile market solutions offers even more innovation and adaptation to the CC.

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