William Whyte, Chief Scientist, Security Innovation. There have been a large number of cryptographic algorithms proposed that are believed to be quantum-safe; some, like the NTRU-based algorithms, have been known for a long and have been standardized. However, none of the algorithms have seen significant deployment in high-security environments and so their security against timing and other side-channel countermeasures is poorly understood. In the light of the recent NIST indication that quantum-safe algorithms may be run inside FIPS-140 Approved devices in Approved mode, there is likely to be a surge of interest in high-security implementations within HSMs. Implementers targeting these environments need quality, up-to-date information about how to avoid side-channel attacks. In this presentation we will provide an overview of popular quantum-safe cryptographic algorithms, along with common side-channel attacks and approaches to defend against them. The focus will be mainly on NTRU and related lattice based systems.

Quantum Safe Crypto Track