Najwa Aaraj
, Senior Vice President, Special Projects, DarkMatter. 
Cryptographic bearings of rigorous mathematical theories are vital to modern networks and information systems. Cryptosystems are essential for the deployment of end-to-end secure communications protocols across multiple devices and platforms, for at-rest data storage, for enabling the standardization of multiple security schemes and algorithms, etc.. In particular, in modern devices, cryptosystems are at the base of securing BlockChain technologies, in particular block-chain based ledgers with inherent transparent visibility – especially as significant interest from Major players in critical industries arises around blockchain and associated efficiency in track digital assets transfer and supply chain management. This talk addresses usage of cryptography to standardize technology specific security schemes and crypto algorithms. Specific examples are provided on adaptation of private /permissioned Enterprise blockchain.

This talk also addresses the topic of securing cryptosystems, which have been constantly improved by mathematics, structural components, and underlying processing powers, making it harder for attackers to succeed at theoretical cryptanalysis. Nevertheless, attackers have achieved strands in exploiting weaknesses in systems deployment as well as deliberately weakening a crypto system by manipulating specific components and introducing vulnerabilities and glitches. As part of this talk, we will also discuss different techniques and tools used to weaken and subvert cryptosystems across both design [mathematical and structural] and implementation. It also emphasizes several directions to harden a system cryptographically – against deliberate and accidental attacks – through a combination of design, software, and hardware implementations.

Industry Vertical/Embedded Crypto Track