Ashit Vora, Co-founder & Laboratory Director, Acumen Security. Executing one certification effort on a single product can be nerve wrecking, costly and time consuming distracting companies from their core competency. When having to do this across multiple certification standards it increases complexity exponentially and makes certification planning to align with product development timelines an almost intractable problem. In an ideal world it would be possible to start multiple certification efforts (on the same product) at the same time and release the product for general availability and soon after finish all the certification efforts. However in the real world what ends up happening is that efforts are kicked off together, but due to difference in requirements (across certification standards), certification schemes timelines and development schedule slips the various certification efforts complete at widely staggered times, on possibly different versions of the product and sometimes not complete at all.

Using our expertise of running tens of certification efforts across multiple standards, product types and geographical locations we provide some best practices, tricks and tips on how to execute these efforts in a timely and cost efficient manner. The presentation provides these ideas both from a product developer/consultant perspective and the laboratory perspective.

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