September 18-20, 2024 | DoubleTree by Hilton, San Jose, California

Emerging Cryptography Trends in the Internet of Things (E11b)

Emerging Cryptography Trends in the Internet of Things (E11b)

With the explosive growth of Internet of Things coupled with 5G communications and re-utilization of GSM 200kHz band for localized IoT applications, industry is going forward with massive investments in industrial IoT systems.

Learning from past security mistakes of distributed sensors and controls (SCADA)—IoT producers and consumers are looking towards the cryptography community to provide consistent controls for Key Life-cycle Management and Cryptography that is relevant for the sensors, signal aggregation, analytics and management of IoT systems.

This presentation is focused how standards in cryptography and key life-cycle management can be applied consistently across IoT system component life-cycles. Application includes how keys are used in standards like LoRa, LoRaWAN, and LTE-M2, and what can be done to give devices the ability to Attest roots of trust, Authenticate, and be Authorized for IoT Systems.

Simply put—we have the right tools with cryptography and cryptographic APIs, we just need to be practical in how we use them.