April 28- May 1, 2020 | Hyatt Regency Bethesda, Maryland, USA

ICMC18 Speakers

Dayanandini Pathmanathan

Common Criteria Evaluator, CygnaCom Solutions, Canada

Fiona Pattinson

Vice President, atsec information security

Mark Pecen

CEO, Approach Infinity & COO, ISARA Corporation

Rene Peralta

Computer Scientist, NIST

John Petro

Senior Cryptographer, Envieta Systems

Shawn Pinet

Senior Security & Certifications Analyst, Gemalto

Gonzalo Porlan

Common Criteria Technical Manager, Applus+

Isaac Potoczny-Jones

CEO, Tozny, LLC

Ray Potter

CEO & Founder, SafeLogic

Brad Proffitt

Director of Operations, Lightship Security

Nithya Rachamadugu

Senior Director, Cygnacom Solutions

Karen Reinhardt

Director, Security Tools, Entrust Datacard

Robert Relyea

Principal, Red Hat

Bertrand Reulet

Professor, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Bruce Rich

Cryptsoft Fellow and Principal Engineer, Cryptsoft

Kelly Richdale

EVP Quantum-Safe Security, ID Quantique

Jose Emilio Rico

Lab Director, Epoche & Espri (A Dekra company)

Matthieu Rivain

COO, Senior Security Expert, cryptoexperts

Dominic Rizzo

Open Secure Silicon Tech Lead, FIPS Security Key Tech Lead, Google

Allen Roginsky

Mathematician, NIST

Bill Rutledge

Project Director, ICMC

David Sabourin

Acting Director, Cryptographic Client Services and Operations

Rich Salz

Senior Architect, Akamai Technologies; Member, OpenSSL Dev Team

William Sandberg-Maitland

Principal Scientist, SPYRUS

Mike Scanlin

Information Assurance Program Manager, NetApp

Martin Schaffer

Global Head of Secure Products & Systems, SGS Digital Trust Services, SGS Group

Steven Schmalz

Principal Systems Engineer, RSA—the Security Division of EMC

Loren Shade

VP Marketing, Allegro Software

Gustavo A. R. Silva

Linux Kernel Engineer, Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative

Kirill Sinitski

Common Criteria Lab Manager, CygnaCom

Wouter Slegers

CEO, Your Creative Solutions

Vladimir Soukharev

Chief Post-Quantum Researcher & Cryptographer, InfoSec Global Inc.

Alicia Squires

Global Certifications Team – Manager, FIPS/Common Criteria, Cisco Systems

Marcus Streets

Principal Security Architect, Arm

Javier Tallon

Co Founder, jtsec

Ryan Thomas

Laboratory Manager, Acumen Security

Aaron Tomb

Research Lead, Software Correctness, Galois

Ben Tucker

Senior Security Engineer II - Standards & Certifications, Citrix Systems, Inc.

Lachlan Turner

Principal Consultant, Lightship Security

Swapneela Unkule

atsec information security

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

Board Member and Security Task Force Chair, GlobalPlatform

Apostol Vassilev

Research Lead–STVM, Computer Security Division, NIST

Ashit Vora

Co-founder & Laboratory Director, Acumen Security

Richard Wang

FIPS Laboratory Manager, Gossamer

Bridget A. Walshe

Director Cryptographic Security and Systems Development, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

Steve Weingart

Consultant, Highland Tech LLC

Steve Weymann

Co-Founder, KeyPair Consulting Inc

Chuck White

CTO, Fornetix

William Whyte

Chief Scientist, Security Innovation

Thomas Wilson

Network Services, RBC, Canada

Brian Wood

Device Security Certification Manager, Samsung Research America

Mehri Yahyaei

Direct Manager of IT Laboratories, Research Center of Informatics Industries (RCII. Co), Iran

Paul Yang

Architect, BaishanCloud

Zhenlong Zhao

CTO, TrustChain Technology

Fangyu Zheng

Chief Engineer of Security Testing Lab, Institute of Information Engineering , Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dan Zimmerman

Security Technologist, Intel, United States

Christos Zoulas

Secretary, NetBSD