May 14-17, 2019 | JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, Canada


Topics: Crypto Policy and Ethics

Cryptographic systems face evolving threats including compromised end systems, key management vulnerabilities, cryptographic backdoors, and powerful kleptographic and state-sponsored attacks. We’ll discuss how designers, testing...
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Topics: End-User Experience

We’ve expanded content for organizations that rely on cryptographic security with information on selecting the right module, the value of certification, current vulnerabilities, and administrative...
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Topics: Quantum-Ready Crypto

Many approved algorithms can be easily broken by theoretical quantum computers. We’ve scheduled a day’s worth of content focused on this emerging threat, and the...
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Topic: Common Criteria

The crypto certification community is widely involved in Common Criteria, so ICMC provides a great opportunity for discussions on the prospect for CC in Crypto,...
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Topics: Cryptographic Technology

Taking certification requirements as a starting point, ICMC will survey a range of technological solutions covering entropy sources, PKI management, physical security, and countermeasures against...
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Topics: Global Validation

ICMC will continue its strong focus on validation programs with reports from both North American and international verification bodies, efforts toward international validation standards, and...
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