FIPS as a Vendor–Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole (G12a) Panel Discussion: Technology Challenges in CM Validation (G13a). From 2004-Present, Malcolm has served as the Head of Check Point product security certifications where he is responsible for complete project management from initiation to certificate award, and assuring products are compliant with certification standards.
1. Responsible for annual certification planning and budgeting.
2. Initiating, proposing, and seeking approval for all new projects.
3. Developing relationships and engagement with certification labs and consultants.
4. Working with Sales to substantiate the business case of each project, understand the required scope, and provide on-going sales support.
5. Working with Business Analysis to obtain their budget and project approval.
6. Legal, Purchasing, and Company approvals.
7. Working with R&D to plan product compliance according to certification standards, and support the certification process with provision of the required evidence needed by each project.
8. Working with QA for validating product to current requirements, and provision of supporting test planning and execution

Prior to 2004 he served as a QA engineer in many technology areas: Network Security, Networking, Central Quality Standards Group, and Office Applications.