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The Libpqcrypto Software Library For Post-Quantum Cryptography (Q12b)

09 May 2018
14:15 - 14:45
Ottawa Salon 212

The Libpqcrypto Software Library For Post-Quantum Cryptography (Q12b)

The European PQCRYPTO consortium, working jointly with many other researchers around the world, submitted 22 proposals to NIST’s ongoing post-quantum standardization project. Each submission specifies a family of cryptographic systems, offering various tradeoffs between performance and security.

The new libpqcrypto software library includes software for 77 cryptographic systems (50 signature systems and 27 encryption systems) from 19 of the 22 PQCRYPTO submissions. It collects this software into an integrated library, with a unified compilation framework, an automatic test framework, automatic selection of the fastest implementation of each system, a unified C interface following the NaCl/TweetNaCl/SUPERCOP/libsodium API, a unified Python interface, command-line signature/verification/encryption/decryption tools, and command-line benchmarking tools.

libpqcrypto is available for free from

There are also 47 non-PQCRYPTO submissions to the NIST project. At the time of this writing, serious security problems have been announced in 15 of the 47 non-PQCRYPTO submissions, and in 0 of the 22 PQCRYPTO submissions.