May 14-17, 2019 | JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, Canada

A Quantum of Safety – Rooting Trust in a Quantum World (U31a)

11 May 2018
10:45 - 11:15

A Quantum of Safety – Rooting Trust in a Quantum World (U31a)

The coming age of Quantum Computers will bring complexities and changes that we don’t understand yet. This session will explain what you need to understand about the potential of quantum computers, with a focus on what actually matters for protecting your security systems. You’ll learn what you can do today to begin protecting your organization from this threat.

Hardware roots of trust bring special requirements with them as they commonly live in systems that have a long product cycle and then extremely long in field support requirements. The connected vehicles of 5 years from now are being designed today and will live on the roads for another 10-20 years after that. These embedded devices in automotive, IoT, satellites, the power grid, and many other locations are logistically impossible to manually update once they are deployed. Fortunately, there are mature solutions available today that you can start evaluating to address your quantum-safe code-signing needs.

This session will focus on understanding the potential and threat from quantum computers without requiring a physics degree. The speaker will explore why there is so much excitement for these new capabilities and explore the disruption to cryptography, without requiring a PhD in Math. He will discuss some of the new hard problems that “quantum resistant cryptography” relies on, with emphasis on the pros and cons of each for integration into the solutions that will protect your information in the quantum age. The presenter leave you with practical advice to make your organization quantum-ready and take the first steps you really need. These concrete actions will get you on the road to preparing for the quantum age.