May 14-17, 2019 | JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, Canada

Pre-Conference Workshops

Day 1
14 May 2019

Physical Testing (Beyond FIPS)

Physical Testing requirements are defined in section 5 of FIPS 140-2. Additional guidance is provided by the implementation guidance. This Workshop will detail the physical testing requirements for each security...
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Jose Emilio Rico
Luis Alfonso Garcia

Introduction to Blockchain

The recent rise in the price of bitcoin created renewed interest in the underlying technology that drives bitcoin called blockchain. Although there is a lot of interest and potential in...
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Workshop on Automated Cryptographic Validation (ACVP)

NIST is working in close collaboration with the industry to address the shortcomings of the NIST Cryptographic Validation Programs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of cryptographic module testing in...
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Christopher Celi

Cryptographic Lifecycle Management (W00a)

In this talk we will discuss the methodology of cryptography lifecycle management which helps organizations to identify cryptographic threats, transition to a crypto agile system and to be prepared for...
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Tomislav Nad

FIPS 140-2 Validation Process: Overview and Case Study

An in-depth look at the real-world process of validation with input from professionals who have hands-on experience at each step. Includes a case study of an actual validated CM product.
Diana Robinson
Brad Proffitt
Ian Hall

Seminar on Hardware Attacks to Cryptographic Processors

In this course, we will review the main hardware attack families to integrated circuits (IC), from the physical manipulation of the IC and probing techniques to side channel analysis and...
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David Hernández García