Table T6. ISARA is a security solutions company that offers quantum computer-resistant products to make vulnerable hardware and software compliant with quantum-safe standards. It is the largest organization in the world focused solely on developing quantum-safe cryptographic solutions for integration into commercial products to protect against emerging security threats.  As a commercial solution provider within a rich academic and research ecosystem, ISARA is part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the potential for quantum threats, and design and implement quantum resistant solutions that will work globally. Founded in 2015, ISARA is based in Waterloo, Ontario.classical data security systems that will work globally. The depth of our technical experience and expertise means we were prepared to overcome the technical challenges to build the IQR Toolkit and develop a portfolio of next-generation products that meets new security challenges. The IQR Toolkit is the first opportunity for our customers to start deploying quantum resistant technology in a variety of commercial solutions, through drop-in algorithm replacements that allow you to build products with an emphasis on quality assurance and efficient integration. The new generation of security solutions needs to be in the field, being tested, now. Ask your vendors if ISARA’s quantum resistant solutions are on their product roadmaps.