Fast, Quantum-Resistant Public-Key Solutions for Constrained Devices Using Group Theoretic Cryptography (G23a) Mr. Atkins specializes in architecting, designing, and deploying network and systems security applications. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at SecureRF Corporation, and was formerly a senior member of the technical staff at Mocana, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Symantec, Senior Research Scientist at Telcordia, CTO at Arepa, and a member of the technical staff at Sun Microsystems. As a member of the IETF, Mr. Atkins was instrumental in the design and standardization of OpenPGP and Instant Messaging protocols. He serves as chairman of the Open Web Authorization Working Group, and serves on the IETF’s Security Directorate. He formerly served as chairman of the Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys Working Group, the Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol Working Group, and as a security guru on the IETF’s Domain Name System Directorate. Mr. Atkins earned his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and his Masters in Media Arts and Sciences at MIT.