Hilal Houssain, Information System Project Management, IT Security and Cryptography Expert, Cryptoc.  This session presents the first Decentralized Identity-Based Encryption (DIBE) scheme for securing the Internet of Things (IoTs) by leveraging on Blockchain protocol using SRAM Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF). The speaker will first discuss the common security concerns in IoT, and then conduct a critical analysis of their current security solutions, then consider the limitations of the recent solutions, before demonstrating methods of overcoming these limitations, and in doing so, studying how blockchain-based solution in association with PUF can used to construct a DIBE scheme for securing IoT in terms of its identity and privacy as common denominator of all IoT security needs.

The contribution explains the DIBE schemes in details, and the contribution of PUFs in security IoTs. The presentation concludes by suggesting areas for future studies, and summarizing findings.

Advanced Technology Track